Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mastrand / Mollösund /Kopenhagen

We visited the Swedish town of Marstrand on our drive down to Copenhagen, after visiting 'Kind of Blue' in Ellos.

Sharing Stories with the Christhoph Rassy at the "Storage Cabin"

Our storage area for boat stuff and below the charming story-teller and the co-founder  of Hallberg-Rassy...Mr. Rassy himself!

Unpacked, and most questions answered...will our stuff still be here in June? We saw many cases of beer and wine from other boat owners, one must import the good stuff (or mortgage the house to buy it in Sweden)

First visit to Kind of Blue

After an overnight ferry ride and approximately 10 hours on the road, we reached our goal, the shipyard of Hallberg-Rassy in Ellös, Sweden.

And finally, our first look at 'Kind of Blue'.  She was stunning! There was a quote from Katherine Hepburn in the move 'The Philadelphia Story', she called the boat that she and Cary Grant had sailed, 'Yar'. I have never found that word in the dictionary, but it seemed to pop into my head.

We couldn't believe how advanced her construction was!  Magnus, the forman, below, said she is about 2 weeks away from being done!
Martin and Magnus discussing technical questions...

Navigation table (above)

The all important engine.

 The even more important head!

Leila, I was very pleased to see a woman working on 'Kind of Blue'

More shots of the interior - Martin´s Galley

Trip to Ellös Sweden

We made to Kiel - the ferry will take us to Göteborg!

Nice trip :)

Our 'Suite'
Leaving Kiel to Göteburg...